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Cook, Minnesota...

Located between the verdant farms of the Red River Valley of the North and the glacial lakes of the Superior National Forest and Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

Cook, Minnesota... at 221 North River Street, 90 miles north of Duluth off US 53 at the west gateway to Lake Vermilion
Grains are selected from the bounty of farms and lakes in a region acclaimed for its high quality natural growing environment.   Wild rice from Nett Lake is considered the premimun organic native grain available.

Our quality control philosophy for our employees is simple: "Don't put it in the bag unless you would serve it on your table!"

Homestead Mills is a multifaceted manufacturer of specialty flour and mixes, agricultural seed, livestock and wildlife feed, and retail supplier of farm and garden items.   If you are traveling in the area stop in to tour our facility... our company store is open six days a week and the coffee pot is always on.

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