Perfect Potato Pancake Mix

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Perfect Potato Pancake - This new pancake combines real Idaho potatoes with Minnesota wheat and corn flours and buttermilk. Add water only! 

Nutrition Info label: Servings Per Container (17) for 1lb size; 11 servings in the 1.5lb size

Dehydrated fresh potatoes, spring wheat flour, corn flour, buttermilk powder, dried canola oil, dried whole egg, aluminum free baking powder, salt, dextrose, & onion flakes (freshness preserved with sodium bisulfate, monoglycerides and calcium stearoyl-2-lactate). 


Pancake & Waffle Preparation:

Blend one cup Mix with one cup water...allow to stand for 10 minutes (allowing potato to hydrate), for extra smooth texture extend to 20 minutes. Pan fry on stove top, medium-low heat, waffle iron, or griddle (325°F)...turn when bubbles break (about two minutes per side) until golden brown.

Recipe yields about 16 eighth cup servings

Suggested serving variations: Serve hot, brushed with butter or margarine, with a side of apple sauce, berries, sour cream and/or precooked meat.

Excellent as a backpacking meal!