Uncle Wayne's Fish Batter Mix

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Uncle Wayne's Fish Batter Mix - Five different flours and seven spices make Uncle Wayne's Fish Batter a keeper. July Special for retail sales only.

Nutrition Info label: Servings Per Container (16) servings in the 1lb size; 24 for 1.5lb size 

Corn flour, Bleached/enriched wheat flour, Whole wheat flour, Brown rice flour, Rye flour, Wild rice flour, Buckwheat flour, Corn starch, Spices, Aluminum free baking powder (calcium phosphate, baking soda, corn starch).


Batter Preparation: In a large bowl combine 1 cup Batter Mix with 1 cup water, milk, spirits (or any combination) and 1 egg beaten.

Mix until ingredients are moistened. Cover entrée (meat, seafood, veggies) with batter. Pan fry or Deep fry until batter turns golden brown and entrée is cooked to desired tenderness.
Variations: Batter can be applied as dry breading out of the bag. .. for baking or frying. This Batter Mix is also great for making onion rings or deep fried mushrooms. Great on the table or trail!